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[TUTORIAL] [ROOT] Get PHP7 and PocketMine on Android!

Comments in 'Tools' started by TheDiamondYT, May 11, 2016.

  1. TheDiamondYT

    TheDiamondYT New Member

    Dec 20, 2014
    Minecraft User:
    Hey there!
    A few of you may still be asking the question "How to get PHP7 on Android so i can run my PocketMine server?". Well this simple guide will tell you how!

    Before we begin..
    • You need the official PocketMine app from the Google Play store here.
    • You also need the PHP7 binary from here. (Direct Download).
    • And finally you need a PHP7 PocketMine phar. Some here.

    Got all that? Okay, good! Next..
    Assuming you have already ran the PocketMine app so it can extract php and busybox, you know have to take your php7 binary you downloaded above and place it in /data/data/net.pocketmine.server/. Overwrite the current php binary in that directory.

    After that, you need to delete (If any) the "PocketMine-MP.phar" located in the "PocketMine" folder on your sdcard. Next, move the PocketMine phar you downloaded before to the PocketMine folder and rename it to PocketMine-MP.phar. Now just go and start the server! (And if it shows version manager just skip it).

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