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VIPSlots 0.0.4

Enable VIP players to join Full servers.

  1. A little fix to the plugin bumping ...

    A little fix to the plugin bumping to PocketMine-MP 1.5. This would fix the plugin issue not working on the latest version of PocketMine-MP.
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  2. VIPSlots 0.0.3

    What's new in this update:
    • [BUG FIX] Where players inside the vip list cant be kicked.

    With this update, it is now possible to kick players inside the vip list from the server by a command, and prevent the "kick" only when they're joining the server.

    Credits to @iksaku for pointing this out and this update.
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  3. VIPSlots v0.0.2

    Whats new on this update:
    • [BUG FIX] Permission Node Fix
    With this bug fix, this plugin permission node can now be managed with Permission Manager plugins since I incorrectly loaded the wrong permission node.
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