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Outdated ThirdPersonDiscourager 1.010

Annoy your third person users (and semi-magic-carpet)!

  1. PEMapModder
    For PocketMine-MP:
    PocketMine 1.4 (API 1.5.0+)
    Players complaining the use of third person? This plugin annoys the third person users with a wall of blocks stalking them!

    Just see the screenshots!
    Blocks are set to cobwebs in these screenshots to let you see what is happening. What do you think will happen when these cobwebs become opaque blocks?
    It still works even if the player is looking downwards
    Screenshot_2015-04-03-17-36-07.png Or maybe upwards for creative?
    Though, sometimes there are angles that it doesn't work. I will fix that soon.
    Sometimes blocks are not correctly reset, you have to click the blocks to reset them correctly.

    • If you set the correct distance value, your players can use a magic carpet when they look upwards!
    • Want to enable this only for particular users? No problem! Change auto-enable to false in config.yml, and run /3pdc for players whom you want to discourage! (You need to do that every time they rejoin)

    1. Players may have trouble walking backwards
    2. Players may abuse it as a magic carpet if used improperly
    3. It may trigger the fly-kick if it is used as a magic carpet or something similar
    4. Sometimes the spawned blocks don't disappear. But that can be fixed by clicking on them.

    Config syntax
    block-type: the ID and damage for the spawned block. Reference for IDs can be found at
    auto-enable: if set to false, you have to do /3pdc <player> to enable that for a player, rather than auto-enabling upon joining server
    block-distance: distance of the center of the spawned wall behind the player's eyes

    Future updates
    We are going to change these blocks to falling-blocks so that vision is completely blocked! :)

    Finally, thanks to Kyle for the plugin icon.
    Alternate Categories:
    • Admin Tools
    • Anti-Griefing Tools
    • General
    • Miscellaneous
    • World Editing and Management
    Plugin Access:
    • Commands
    • Items / Blocks

Recent Reviews

  1. TheGoldenPear
    Version: 1.010
    Hello! This plugin seems like a great idea; but I'm not sure that blocks behind the player is such a good idea as when you turn around there is a temporary delay before the blocks disappear.

    Other that that, I think this is a wonderful plugin! It's coded well and does serve it's purpose. Although what I listed above can be an issue, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

    The question is, is there any other way of preventing 3rd person?

    Thanks for the plugin!
    1. PEMapModder
      Author's Response
      Yes. TruDan suggested using falling blocks (ones that don't fall xD) instead of real blocks. I'm going to try that idea later and possibly update it for the next version.
  2. KyleTheHack3r
    Version: 1.010
    Great plugin.