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Official SimpleAuth v1.7.1

Prevents people to impersonate an account, requiring registration and login when connecting.

  1. Configuration fixes

    This fixes a few issues on the configuration file.
    • Fixed setting name for authentication by last unique id, it works properly now.
    • Fixed not being able to disable client blocks.
  2. PocketMine 1.5 update, extra features and security

    We've updated the plugin to support some 1.5 and MCPE 0.11 new features directly, and improve security against bruteforce attacks. You will need to update your messages.yml file (just delete the existing file to get the new one)
    • Added popup message when player is not logged in.
    • Added some extra colors
    • Players will be kicked and their IP address banned after X invalid password tries for a given account, that can be configured.
    • Fixes "Too many open files" issue...
  3. SimpleAuth v1.6.0 for API 1.8.0

    * No not kick players flying before them logging in
    * Updated events to use new PlayerMoveEvent
    * Do not require the construct method on DataProviders
    * Block entity damage when not logged in
    * Bumped API version, fixes issues with player movement blocking
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  4. Updated for API 1.4.0

    This versions updates to the API 1.4.0, improving permission performance and blocking damage while players are not logged in
  5. Improved permission setup, added message translation

    This update fixes the order permissions are set, so they don't get overridden by parent nodes. It also adds a way to translate the plugin messages, check messages.yml in the SimpleAuth config folder after running this update :)
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  6. Fixed authenticating using mixed case names

    * Fixed authenticating using mixed case names (Issue #14 and #15)
  7. Updated for PocketMine-MP Alpha_1.4, Plugin API, SQLite3, MySQL

    * Updated for Alpha_1.4
    * Added Plugin API
    * Added SQLite3 provider
    * Added MySQL provider
  8. SimpleAuth 0.3.9 - Updated API version

    Only updated the API version.
  9. Hopefully fixed undefined indexes errors

    Hopefully fixed undefined indexes errors. If not, post a message again.
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  10. Added single session kick reason

    Added single session kick reason