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ReportRTS Pocket Edition 1.1.3

The Pocket Edition rewrite of the easy to use support ticket system for Minecraft.

Commands : Associated permissions - Description
  • /ticket open <message> : - Allows the user to open a ticket.
  • /ticket close <id> <optional comment> : reportrts.command.close - Allows the user to close a specified ticket, the comment is optional and may be skipped.
  • /ticket read <page/closed/held/self> <optional page number or id> : (can read ALL tickets), reportrts.command.self (can only read tickets created by yourself) - Allows the user to read a page or a ticket. For instance /ticket read 10, will read the ticket with an ID of 10. /ticket read page 2 will read open tickets from 5 to 10 provided that your perPage option is set to 5. /ticket read closed will read the last 5 closed tickets if your perPage option is set to 5. Every read command that is associated with a pagination feature will default to page 1 if not specified.
  • /ticket assign <id> <player> : reportrts.command.assign - Allows a player to assign a ticket to another player, as if the target player used the claim command.
  • /ticket claim <id> : reportrts.command.claim - Allows a player to place a claim on a ticket, this will stop others from being able to close or claim your ticket. This can be overridden using reportrts.bypass.ticket.
  • /ticket unclaim <id> : reportrts.command.claim - Allows a player to remove a claim he or she previously placed on a specified ticket.
  • /ticket hold <id> <optional comment> : reportrts.command.hold - Allows a player to put a ticket on hold, removing it from the unresolved ticket list. Read it by using /ticket read held.
  • /ticket reopen <id> : reportrts.command.reopen - Allows a user to reopen a ticket that was previously put on hold or that was closed.
  • /ticket staff : reportrts.command.list - Allows the user to list all currently online staff members (players with the reportrts.staff node).
  • /ticket broadcast <message> : reportrts.command.broadcast - Broadcasts a message to every player with the reportrts.staff node.
  • /ticket tp <id> : reportrts.command.teleport - Allows the player to teleport to the location of the specified ticket.
  • /rts ban <player> : reportrts.command.ban - Allows a player to ban a target player from being able to open new tickets.
  • /rts unban <player> : reportrts.command.ban - Allows a player to remove a ban on a player that was previously banned from creating new tickets.
  • /rts help : - Shows you the help menu.
  • /rts stats : reportrts.command.stats - Shows the top 10 staff members by resolved tickets count.
  • /rts search <player> <closed/opened> <optional page> : - Allows the player to find closed tickets by a player or opened tickets by a player.
  • /rts reload : reportrts.command.reload - Reloads the configuration and data from the data provider.
  • /rts reset : OP only! - Resets the data in ReportRTS but NOT your configuration.
  • /rts duty <on/off> : reportrts.staff - Allows the staff member to remove or add themselves to the ReportRTS system. Keep in mind that off duty staff members will not receive messages from the broadcast system.
  • /rts notifications <optional RESET> : reportrts.command.notification - Allows the user to view how many pending notifications there are and reset them by adding "reset" at the end of the command.
  • /rts setup <loads of actions, please read the in-game messages> : OP only - First time setup command for data provider system in ReportRTS.
Other permission nodes:
reportrts.bypass.limit - Allows the user to bypass limits such as time between tickets, word count limit and unresolved tickets limit.