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Outdated PerWorldGamemode 1.2.6

Control the gamemode in different worlds.

  1. exclude fix

    Only one change: /pwgm exclude save to the config properly now.
  2. Let's try this again...

    • Fixed commands.
    • Fixed spelling mistake which caused nothing to work.
    • Tested things, they should all work now...
  3. Bug fix + New Features

    • Fixed bug #1: Usernames shouldn't be case-sensitive.
    • Fixed bug #2: Adding a world without giving a name causes a server crash.
    • Added /pwgm include <player> (Opposite of /pwgm exclude).
    • Rewrote config to be easier/ more extensible. (You will need to set up worlds again)
    • If a world has no gamemode setting, it defaults to the server's default gamemode instead of hanging in limbo.