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NailedKeyboard 1.0.0

Here comes a virtual keyboard, solution to all devices that can't type chat!

  1. PEMapModder
    For PocketMine-MP:
    Alpha_1.4 API 1.0.0 (only tested on API 1.4.0 of beta 8)
    This is an ease-of-access plugin that allows players who cannot type chat due to their keyboard issues to use an in-game virtual keyboard.

    First of all, note that...
    The newest and better-looking version of this description can be found here. The newest version of guidelines for creating issues can be found at the link displayed on top of the screen when you create one.

    How to use
    Players can tap signs instead of keyboard keys to send chat.

    To make a sign a NailedKeyboard sign, the first line of the sign must be exactly NailedKeyboard. The third line of the sign is the type of the sign (what type of things the sign will do), the second line is the arguments (detailed things that control what the sign does) and the fourth line is ignored (it can be anything).

    There are several sign types. Refer to the following table.

    Sign type (third line) Arguments (second line) Description
    HOME ignored (anything) The pointer will go to the start of the text, just like you tap the Homebutton in your computer's keyboard
    END ignored (annything) The pointer will go to the end of the text, just like you tap the End button in your computer's keyboard
    LEFT ignored (anything) The pointer will go 1 character left, just like you tap the left button in your computer's keyboard
    RIGHT ignored (anything) The pointer will go 1 character right, just like you tap the left button in your computer's keyboard
    RESET ignored (anything) Delete the whole text, like you just logged in and typed nothing
    SUBMIT or SEND or ENTER ignored (anything) Send the text out as chat, or run a command if it starts with a slash (/) (as if you pressed the Enter key
    BACKSPACE ignored (anything) Delete the character before the pointer, like the normal Backspacebutton
    DELETE ignored (anything) Delete the character before the pointer, like the normal Delete button
    VIEW ignored (anything) Simply view what your line is and where your pointer is at
    anything else or empty the text to type Insert the words in the second line to the place at the pointer
    Note that the third line is case-insensitive, which means you can make the words all in caps or otherwise.

    Also, Unicode (chinese, japanese, arabian, etc. non-ASCII characters) is only supported on servers with the multibytePHP extension installed. If it isn't, it should show a warning when the server starts. Then there might be some bugs when the player clicks the left/right buttons.

    Reporting bugs

    Please report bugs here!

    Rules for reporting bugs:
    • Confirm that issues are not to be duplicated before creating one.
    • Do not make custom tags except [RepoName]. For other tags, I will add them via labels myself
    • Do not make generic titles like "Help", "Question", etc.
    • Paste crash dumps in pastebins like
    • Try to confirm that the issue is related to this plugin.
    • If possible, find out the crash dump on
    • Only use the issues to report bugs or request features. Support requests should be done on the PocketMine forums plugin release thread or contacting me via PM on PocketMine forums, or finding me (@PEMapModder) on Twitter or asking on freenode IRC channel #pmplugins.
    • Please provide a professional report for bugs. By "professional", I mean:
      • The bug should be reproducible.
      • The title should be as brief (short and clean but specific) as possible. Details should be provided in the issue body.
    • For feature requests,
      • The feature must not be duplicated.
      • Confirm, if possible, that the feature is possible.
    • Do not use the issue conversation as a forum.
    • If you offend these rules, your issue may be edited, closed, locked, or even your account may be blocked from interacting with the repositories of @PEMapModder.

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      • [​IMG]

    Planned feature(s):
    • Select texts to copy/paste!
    • BACKSPACE/DELETE by a variable number of characters (by line 2)!
    Alternate Categories:
    • Chat Related
    • General
    Plugin Access:
    • Commands
    • Tile Entities

Recent Reviews

  1. Topic
    Version: 1.0.0
    Maybe for some servers, this plugin will be useful.
    1. PEMapModder
      Author's Response
      This plugin is useful for any servers that want to use SimpleAuth but also want to let players without a working keyboard to join.
  2. 64FF00
    Version: 1.0.0
    Love the idea of this plugin :D
  3. wies
    Version: 1.0.0
    Not that useful in a production server, but still fun to play with.
    1. PEMapModder
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your 5-star review for a not-so-useful plugin! (Or, as @xktiverz says, "USELESS" plugin)