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MineReset 2.1

Powerful mine reset tool

  1. Added support for block metadata

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  2. More bug fixes...

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  3. Bug Fixes

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  4. Asynchronous resetting, region entry blocking and more...

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  5. Bug fixes and more

  6. Alpha 1.4 Support and Better Resetting!

    • Rewrote for Alpha_1.4 (API 1.0.0)
    • Tick separated resets now work one at a time for stability.
  7. Speed and reset improvements!

    • Changed reset system (works like WorldEdit setting now). It will drop TPS like WorldEdit but won't cause the Level errors that the tick reset sometimes does.
    • Added /mine longreset (use old tick seperated reset).
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  8. Versioning Issues

    Sorry for all the version code issues :)
    This is version 0.4.1 and all former version codes are useless. I swear I will use semantic versioning for all subsequent releases.

    This update also cleans up some code and adds better and more helpful command output.
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  9. New Creation Interface!

    • New system for creating mines, type /mine create <NAME> and you will be prompted to select points.
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  10. Huge Improvements :)

    • Fixed bug where some blocks are missed on reset.
    • Resets are now spread out over many ticks to avoid blocking the main thread (as much). Thanks to @zhaus for his work on this feature!
    • Players are now automatically teleported to spawn if they are in the mine.
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