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ManyWorlds 2.0.3

Commands for MultiWorld functionality

  1. 2.0.3: Bugfix update

    Fixes bug reported by @thebigsmileXD
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  2. 2.0.2: Bug fix

    Updated libcommon to 1.2.0dev1
    • This fixes a bug reported by @SoyPro. (#23)
    • Note this means that permissions defined in plugin.yml are applied properly which means all ManyWorlds sub commands are OP only.
  3. 2.0.1: Bug fix

    • Changed command to manyworlds and mw is an alias. This is to prevent possible name collisions.
    • Completed Spanish translation.
    • Fixed crash (reported by @reyak)
  4. Major re-write

    • Re-written for modularity
    • teleport manager API deprecated
    • Added default command to change the default level.
    • New genlist for list of generators
    • tp command changed to more natural English.
    • Translation: Spanish
  5. CallbackTask Deprecation Warning

    Removed CallbackTask deprecation warnings.
  6. Some updates in preparation for PM1.5

    • Minor cosmetic changes.
    • If on PM1.5, unload is available by default.
    • Fixed some issues related to WorldProtect.
  7. API updates and Fixes

    Documentation and API update.
  8. Bug fixes

    • Fixed bug around teleporting third parties
    • Fixed bugs from Crash Archive
  9. BugFix release

    • Fixed a critical teleport bug
    • Fixed some typos around showing third party teleports
    • Added level.dat editing.
    • Added fixname
  10. Clean-ups

    • Added a setting to control if to broadcast when people teleport.
    • Removed per-level `motd.txt`. Functionality moved to my WorldProtect plugin.
    • Code clean-up
    • Teleport functionality encapsulated in TeleportManager.
    • Added workaround to remove TileEntities that linger on when teleporting. Please test this!