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Outdated EnderChests 1.3

Keep your stuffs anywhere !

  1. Sorry, a little fix !

    I delete this line (old line 47):
    $this->openEnderchest array_values($this->openEnderchest);
    This line make a player access to a busy Enderchest after he open another chest, they share the Enderchest and can put the mess in them saved stuffs.

    Sorry for this little mistake from me !
  2. EnderChest 1.2 !!!

    Changes log:
    I listen my fans... I take off Owner properties !
    Every players can interact with every enderchests, he ll see only him stuffs inside. The issue that 2 or more players interact in the same Enderchest make some mess inside, I put a limit of one player at same time, while this player interact with a Enderchest, others players cant interact with the same Enderchest but can interact with another Enderchest.

    Feedback please and LIKE/5STARS IT !
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  3. EnderChest 1.0 IS THERE !!!

    With all your comments, feedbacks and bugs reports, all that help me a lot to fix bugs and make you a stable version.

    Changes for 1.0:
    - EnderChest cannot be made into double chests and cannot be placed adjacent to another chest;
    - Only the creator of an EnderChest can access and break his own EnderChest;
    - Items shared bug between the inventory and the EnderChest is fixed;
    - Add Achievement for creating your first EnderChest, for fun;
    - Rewrite the plugin to be more clean and structured.