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Outdated EnderChests 1.3

Keep your stuffs anywhere !

  1. BlinkSun
    For PocketMine-MP:
    Alpha_1.3.12 Amai Beetroot
    Keep your stuffs anywhere !

    EnderChests are a type of chest that can store items. They function the same as normal chests, except that their contents are shared across all other EnderChests placed anywhere, even in different worlds.

    EnderChests do not drop their contents when broken. Items placed inside will remain present even if all instances of them are destroyed, and can be accessed by placing a new EnderChest.

    EnderChests cannot be made into double chests and cannot be placed adjacent to another chest.

    1. Drop it into your /plugins folder.
    2. Restart your server.
    Chat commands
    There's no command for this plugin.

    How to use
    1. Place a block of Netherrack below where you want to place your Enderchest;
    2. Place a Chest on the block of Netherrack placed before.
    Now you have created your EnderChest.

    Repeat these steps as many times as you like !

    Changes for 1.3:
    I deleted this line (old line 47):
    $this->openEnderchest array_values($this->openEnderchest);
    This line make a player access to a busy Enderchest after he open another chest, they share the Enderchest and can put the mess in them saved stuffs.

    Changes for 1.2:
    I listen my fans... I take off Owner properties !
    Every players can interact with every enderchests, he ll see only him stuffs inside. The issue that 2 or more players interact in the same Enderchest make some mess inside, I put a limit of one player at same time, while this player interact with a Enderchest, others players cant interact with the same Enderchest but can interact with another Enderchest.

    Changes for 1.0:
    - EnderChest cannot be made into double chests and cannot be placed adjacent to another chest;
    - Only the creator of an EnderChest can access and break his own EnderChest;
    - Items shared bug between the inventory and the EnderChest is fixed;
    - Add Achievement for creating your first EnderChest, for fun;
    - Rewrite the plugin to be more clean and structured.

    If you have any question, bug report, constructive comment, ... feel free to leave them, I ll reply for sure !

    Thanks for all your support !
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Recent Updates

  1. Sorry, a little fix !
  2. EnderChest 1.2 !!!
  3. EnderChest 1.0 IS THERE !!!

Recent Reviews

  1. Daniel123
    Version: 1.3
    Is sounds good, but i can't use this plugin because i use PM 1.5 Can you Update this plugin for the New API Thank You :)
  2. Mineblast
    Version: 1.3
    Im Using API 12. It Crashes When You Try To Access A Chest After A Server Restart.

    [72] $slots[] = array(AIR,0,0);
    [73] }
    [74] $this->enderchests->set($player->username,$slots);
    [75] $this->enderchests->save();
    [76] AchievementAPI::grantAchievement($player, "enderChest");
    [77] }
    [79] foreach ($slots as $key => $slot) {
    [80] $item = $this->api->block->getItem($slot[0], $slot[2], $slot[1]);
    [81] $tile->setSlot($key,$item);
    [82] }
    [83] break;
    [84] } else {
    [85] $player->sendChat("[ERROR] This Enderchest is already in use!");
    [86] return false;
    [87] break;
    [88] }
    [89] }
    [90] break;
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      I know the codes :P
      but your copy/paste didnt show the error !
      And please, use the Thread tab to write something like that, I ll be happy to help you !
  3. Footballbeatsmc
    Version: 1.3
    Can these be used as multiplayer chests? Meaning everyone can put things in it.
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      A normal chest, everyone can access to its content. The Enderchest, players ll see just his own stuffs !
  4. Beast Mode
    Beast Mode
    Version: 1.3
    Great idea!
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      Thank you but it's not my idea :P Enderchest really exist :P
  5. RealRunSpace
    Version: 1.3
    Hi! This is a nice plugin,but like all plugins,have some bugs.This is an important one because you can double your things,like if I put inside a diamond sword and five diamond blocks,I create a new ender chest and first I break the nether rack and them the chest is not an ender chest,but it still have the same things in one like in the other,so now if I pick up all the things on the normal chest and I take the things on the enderchest and now I have two diamond swords and ten diamond blocks.Please fix it!
    Nice plugin and sorry for my English!!!
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      Sure, I already saw that bug ! Don't worry, I just forgot to empty the Enderchest when the player close it. It's already fixed for the next update !
      Thank you for your feedback and support ! If you find another bug or a suggestion, let me know !
  6. DarkN3ss
    Version: 1.3
    WOW such a good idea :)
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      Thank you but it's not my idea :P Enderchest really existe :P
  7. MrXxDarkKilerxX
    Version: 1.3
    Hi there this so awesome, I've been waiting for this for a very long time.
    I have one request WHICH I REALLY NEED.
    Can you make a option were you can decide to have one enderchest per world so if you have two worlds on each on both of the enderchest will have different inventories.
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review !

      Because I like your avatar :P I can do a config file to put the option to turn on/off multiworld enderchest !

      (and maybe a on/off option to Owner Properties that I deleted in the last update for those who liked them!)

      Well thanks for the suggestion. I must thing about a way to update enderchests datas when the option is turned in-game;

      Come back to see the next update ! :P
  8. iJoshuaHD
    Version: 1,2
    now it works perfectly! thanks man!! :D
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      thanks to you to support me ;P
  9. TheOddgamer98
    Version: 1,2
    Good, easy, working, excellent!
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      thank you, this is very appreciated !
  10. Justmike
    Version: 1.0
    Super plugin, very easy to use and is great for multiple worlds
    1. BlinkSun
      Author's Response
      Thank you ! In the next version a ll take off all owner restriction !