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Volt 3.1.0

Painless web server for PocketMine

  1. MIME support and other goodies...


    • Added support for file MIME types. This means that script files will work properly now.
    • 404 pages now actually use the 404 response code.
    • Updated server status messages (and removed those weird extra spaces in the console)
    • Fixed spelling error in plugin.yml (thanks to @Gamecrafter )
    • Removed useless debugging code (whoops!)
  2. Alpha 1.5 support and more

  3. Bug fixes

  4. Complete rewrite, tons of new features...


    • Name is changed to volt
    • Clients are run on separate workers
    • Rebuilt templates with Handlebars
    • Rewrote API to be fun and powerful
    • Added /volt command
    • Added magic {{_request}} variable
    For an exhaustive description check out the pre-releases of this version on GitHub.
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  5. API 1.2.0 compatibility.

    • Supports new threading in API 1.2.0. Not backwards compatible.
  6. Response Headers...

    • Added response headers, which I neglected to add earlier. Should perform better now :)
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  7. POST handling and other changes.

    The version jump is due to the fact that this version changes much of how the server initially worked and could drop compatibility on some systems.

    • Socket switched to non-blocking (better termination).
    • Receive POST requests in your plugin!
    • Threading Fixes.
    • Removed some old code.

  8. Alpha 1.4 Support and Thread Fixes!

    • Support for API 1.0.0 and Alpha 1.4
    • Threading fixes
    • Changed HTTPServer API (no more stupid event)