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SignShop 2.0.0build3

Buy and Sell the items using Signs with virtual-money.

  1. Bugfix

    Build 1:
    • Bugfix Could not pass event 'pocketmine\event\level\LevelLoadEvent'

    Build 2:
    • Bugfix Players can sell items even when they don't have them
    • Bugfix The message is sent to a player who has the similar name to the creator of the sign.
    Build 3:
    • Bugfix Call to a member function getName() on null
  2. bugfix /sign empty

    bugfix /sign empty
  3. bugfix and improvements with performance

    fixed some bugs:
    -Version Of EconomyAPI
    -MessageManager :: SendMessage ();

    Now the plugin is running more light because the server uses the items and not private
  4. bugfix

    fixed bug with translation: server not found.
    Bugfix: Call to undefined method 'accountExists' and 'isRegistered'
    maybe bugfix with sign: does not always see the text
  5. SignSell & SignBuy and buxfix

    Modified SignShop in SignBuy
    Added SignSell with other features:
    1. Added the possibility of creating signs with infinite space (root permissions).
    2. Added the ability to create cartels without money (root permissions).
    3. Added command /sign empty to empty the SignSell.
    Added support for 63 different languages! To change the language execute the command /sign lang <code_of_lang> (the code...
  6. fixed bug with creation of Sign, added /sign remove and bump to new API

    bump to new API 1.10.0
    fixed bug with creation of Sign
    fixed bug Call to a member function save() on null

    added new command: /sign remove = remove with a touch your sign without buy all. Thanks for the idea to @Creeperface
  7. fixed bug with permission

    fixed bug with permission, thanks to all to report this bug
  8. added support MassiveEconomy and removed auctions

    added support MassiveEconomy.
    fixed bug with the creation of Signs.
    fixed bug with isEnabled().
    removed auction.
    removed /sign example.
    added missing messages.

    and more...
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  9. fixbug: ClassNotFoundException

    fixed the bug ClassNotFoundException Thankx to @PEMapModder
  10. Organized the plugin with classes, added beta of Auction

    organized the plugin with classes
    added the beta version of the auctions
    added the direction signs with their correct positioning. Thanks @PEMapModder for the help.
    api 1.7.0
    added the unlimited amount. /sign set unlimited <true>
    added provider SQLite, MySQL missing
    fixed bug when you run the commands

    added commands:
    /sign earned <none | format>
    /sign echo <on | off>
    /sign example <none>
    changed commands:
    /sign set <auction | maker | unlimited | cost | amount> <value>

    and much more ...