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Inactive Jail 2.1.2

Ban too harsh? Kick/mute/whatever not enough? Jail players!

  1. Jail v2.1.0 update

    Jail v2.1.0 update

    • Added UUID checker! Can be worked with subnet checker. #9
    • Added default jail reason tag in config
    • Jail command's time argument can be '-t', reason argument can be '-r'. They are default time and reason from the config
    • Jail command's jail argument can be '-j', it applies a random jail to the player to be jailed.
    • Jail command's player argument can be '-n', it jails the nearest player of the sender(In the same world)
    • Bail money needed now count per second instead of minute. Check it out in the new config file.
    • More prisoner inventory customizations in config file!
    • Added some animations to the screen of prisoners! (Bumping bail money like marketing, Marque '.....')
    • Added an alias for the command 'switchjail', alias: 'jailtransfer'
    • Improved performance of the timer.
    • Fixed colors not showing of some messages.
    • Fixed API bugs. (Commands related)
    • Fixed a typo in the changelog.
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