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Inactive Jail 2.1.2

Ban too harsh? Kick/mute/whatever not enough? Jail players!

  1. Jail v2.0.0 update

    Jail v2.0.0 update

    • Better config updater, old config will be saved as 'config.yml.old'
    • Improved the method of getting random jail
    • Fixed vote protection timer being set to seconds instead of minutes #6
    • Added a permission node to prevent OP players from being voted #6
    • [FEATURED FEATURE] Added jail area protection and area-anti-escape feature! Set using '/jailcfg protect p1|p2'
    • Added some config keys. E.g. 'allow-interaction', provide a more customizable platform for users
    • Added an option for the timer. You can choose to continue counting when the prisoner is offline, or choose not to do so.
    • Additional punishment is now optional
    • Fixed file size #8
    • Now the bail money needed will be shown under the digital clock of the client's screen #6
    • Much more to be discovered by users!
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