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Inactive Jail 2.1.2

Ban too harsh? Kick/mute/whatever not enough? Jail players!

  1. Jail v2.1.2 update

    Jail v2.1.2 update

    • Fixed crashes while prisoners bail. (This problem occured in servers which use the PocketMoney plugin)
    • Fixed plugin disabled while server starts if players.yml's content is empty.
    • 'subnet-ip-checker' key is now default 'false' when configuration updates.
    • (For devs) Added 'getIssuer()' in PlayerJailEvent class, returns the command sender of '/jail', or null.
    • Added maximum number of prisoners per jail. (Configuration Configurable)
    • The lines after the first line('[Bail]') supports color code. E.g. &2 &4 &a. Do not use color code on the first line, otherwise the sign won't work.
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