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Experimental BackToLastPoint v1.0

Return back to last point

Configuration (config.yml):

#Show [BackToLastPoint] prefix on teleport message
show-prefix: true
#Show message on teleport
show-message-onteleport: true
#Teleport message
teleport-message: '&4Teleported to last point'
#Save position when a player leaves the game
save-position-onleave: false


/backtolastpoint - BackToLastPoint commands (aliases: [btlp])
/back or /lastpoint - Return back to last point


- backtolastpoint.* - BackToLastPoint commands permissions.
- - BackToLastPoint command Info permission.
- backtolastpoint.reload - BackToLastPoint command Reload permission.
- backtolastpoint.lastpoint - BackToLastPoint command LastPoint permission.